Making Democracy Work

Make Democracy Work

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy.
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Get Involved with Voter Service

I Voted Display at ROV Voter Service projects and programs during election season are the heart of the League. This is what we do! And we can't do it without you!

Most of our members say they joined League to get involved with Voter Service. Contact us now to join or get involved if you are already a member. Our Voter Service chairs Cathy Greene and Barbara Lorenzen are poised to connect you with a project that will inspire you.

This spring has been an exciting time with non-stop requests for voter services. We have been busy registering student voters at community colleges and high schools. In April, we moderated a forum for candidates for the County Board of Supervisors, Third District. We extend heartfelt thanks to the many volunteers who helped with all of these springtime projects!

As we approach the fall election season, we look to welcome back all of you who have helped with these election programs and events in the past. I know you are looking forward to helping the League again. We also want to welcome those of you who have never had the chance to volunteer in this way. You will find it fun and rewarding.

So please pencil us in for fall activities. We will be training volunteers for moderating forums, presenting pro and con discussions of the ballot measures, and for registering voters.

These training meetings will take place sometime in late August or early September. Notice will be sent out this summer when we have specific dates for you. You will be trained and mentored by knowledgeable and experienced League members.

All of these activities are fun events to enjoy with your League friends. Some are easier than others, but all offer very rewarding experiences of service to your communities. We hope you will join us!

E is for Election Day

We had to opportunity to participate in #readacrossamerica and Dr. Seuss' birthday celebration recently.

Our member, Claudine Jones read E is for Election Day by Gloria Gavris to the students at Kelly, Poinsettia and Aviara Oaks Elementary in Carlsbad. The librarians and staff were so welcoming and we were happy to donate the book to each school's library.

We hope to expand the project to many other elementary schools in the North County. If you are interested in working on this great project, contact our webmaster. Stay tuned!

Bits of the Restoring Respect Conference

It was great to take a civility break!

Starting with meeting up with old friends and new at registration, to the inspiring keynote from Alexander Heffner. And finally, the panel discussion on where we are today with civil discourse. It gave all of us who attended new things to think about and ideas to make things better.

Thanks to Carl Luna for moderating and all the volunteers who made it happen. Especially our Martha Cox and Mary Thompson.

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