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There's more work to be done

The Day After

This article is by Mary Thompson, one of our League leaders in our focus on civil discourse and deliberative dialogue. Contact her directly or through this website if you have an interest in this and want to learn more.

No matter what side you were on in this past election, we are all exhausted and apprehensive. We don't really need to wait for the final count, we KNOW we're divided and that causes serious thinkers to worry about how we will find our path forward.

In his 2016 book about the profound and beautiful paradox that is America, The Reunited States of America: How We Can Bridge the Partisan Divide, author Mark Gerzon offers this: Relationships matter. By taking the time to learn how others different from you think, feel, and how to reach them, you will be more effective . . . and so will our community and our country.

Coming off this highly partisan election, Gerzon argues that the freedom to BE partisan is healthy when it is grounded in oneness. The balance aspired to by our Founders, E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many, One, is an achievable goal. It's about being many states, but one nation. Political scientists call this pluralism, being different AND connected. So pluralism is an achievement.

Getting there means remembering what joins us together--the values that we share in common. If we take the time to listen, seek understanding, and build relationships, we may find new solutions or at least new attitudes.

All of this means action, the kind of action for which this League is well suited.

  •  Energetic engagement with diversity.
  •  Seeking understanding across lines of difference.
  •  Holding our deepest differences, not in isolation, but in relationship to one another.
  •  Being at the table -- with one's commitments.
  •  Committed to dialogue.

"Action is the bridge between thought and reality." ― Richie Norton

Why Can't We All Be Civil?

Another way to get involved is to become a citizen reviving civility, through the National Institute for Civil Discourse. Take the civility pledge

Make civility local through the Institute for Civil Civic Engagement at USD Stay tuned for more information on the Restoring Respect conference coming in March 2017. __________________________________________________________________

The election will not be certified by Michael Vu, the San Diego County Registrar of Voters until December 8, 2016. Keep abreast of the ballot count on Voter's Edge where the results and lots of other interesting information is still available.

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Service to our Community

LWVNCSD donated E is for Election Day, by Gloria Gavris, that appears at the top of this inspiring display. It's right up front in the Children's section of the main Oceanside Public Library, in Civic Center. Standing beside the book shelf is Erin Nakasone, Librarian I, Youth Services. 

Below right - On donation day, League members Suzanne Carneiro and Kathy Christy presented the book to Marie Town, Principal Librarian, Youth Services

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